Assignment 3 COMM 604 Socha Research Partner Study Related Assignment: Interviewing Topic: Prospective LGBTQ+ Workers, Communication, and Employment Overview Reminders: Employment processes:

1. Searching for jobs: a. Recruiting b. Career managing & supporting

2. Screening jobs 3. Applying for jobs 4. Interviewing for jobs 5. Accepting/Rejecting/Negotiating for jobs 6. Onboarding to jobs 7. Working at jobs:

a. Retention b. Promotion c. Work culture

i. Employee-Employee relations ii. Employee-management relations

iii. Working conditions Assumptions:

A. There are at least seven processes related to gaining successful employment: (1) searching for jobs, (2) screening jobs, (3) applying for jobs, (4) interviewing, (5) negotiating offer, (6) onboarding, and (7) working.

B. Communication is inherent in all employment processes. C. Effective communication is a key factor in successful employment success in all stages. D. Individuals’ identities (understanding of, confidence, experience, etc.) and self-

assessment (knowledge, skills, abilities etc.) are critically important factors in employment processes for all individuals

E. Discrimination can and does occur during any and all of these seven processes. F. Types of discrimination can include: age, disability, compensation, gender & sexual

orientation, genetic, harassment, national origin, parental status, pregnancy, race & color, religion, and retaliation. See: Kulkarni (2020,


https://www.idealist.org/en/careers/discrimination-12-types) and US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (2022, https://www.eeoc.gov/discrimination-type

Assignment A. Locate and recruit two participants who meet the following criteria:

1. Self-identify as LGBTQ+ 2. Age-18 or older 3. Persona 1 – New to workforce interested in public sector

Persona 2 – New to workforce interested in private sector Persona 3 – Has work experience interested in public sector Persona 4 – Has work experience interested in private sector

B. Use the LGBTQ+ Employment Communication Study Interview Protocol (posted in

Blackboard) to conduct an interview via Zoom or phone. C. If possible, record the interview. It is OK to not record but you must then take accurate notes

(using the protocol form).

D. Strictly follow all recruiting and interviewing protocols (per the IRB) reviewed in class.

E. Be professional and rep ODU MA-LSDC proudly.

F. Write up each interview as follows:

1. Date of interview: 2. Demographics: 3. Participants responses to each interview item. Be use the form. 4. Additional comments you might want to add about the interview:

Assessment Criteria

1. Participant meets all criteria. 5 pts 2. Complete (contains all elements for two interviews) 5 pts 3. Thorough [clear response (or non-responses) for all protocol items recorded] 5 pts 4. Fully follows IRB guidelines 5 pts

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