Please read the “Gender and Free Speech at Google” case included in your Harvard Business Review case packet.
Google is a company that has been widely praised for its efforts to increase diversity and promote inclusion. However, Google came under fire in 2017 after an employee was fired for violating its code of conduct and policies against harassment and discrimination after posting up a memo criticizing Googles culture and diversity policies. After you read the Harvard Business Review case, Gender and Free Speech at Google, please answer the following questions:

Are there certain parts of James Damores memo that you feel cross into unacceptable speech? If so, what parts are they? Do you think that different wording would have had a different outcome?

Do you feel that Googles response to Damores memo was appropriate? If you were involved in the decision, would you have recommended that Damore be fired? Why or why not? Please make sure to fully justify your opinion using insights you have learned from your readings this week.

What long-term impacts may firing James Damore have on the overall Google culture?

Many research studies highlight the benefit of diversity in the workplace. What do you think would be the expected benefits of increasing the number of women employees in tech jobs at Google? Are there specific policies or actions Google has taken that you perceive as unfair?

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