AEDV310: Assignment 5

Lesson Planning: Consider training a group of outsiders on a topic you are passionate about. This paper is academic style, but no need for citations/reference unless using outside resources Use the following question to guide the choice of your topic or use another topic if you like:

• If there were no barriers at all, including limiting beliefs, time, or money, what would you do to make a difference in the world?

• At the same time, make the plan doable. For example, a student might want to save 100% of the remaining rainforest within 6 months, prevent 100% of animals from reaching extinction in a year, or prevent worldwide hunger. These may be passions, doable, but not reasonable to attain these goals at 100% within that period.

Develop (and submit) a lesson-plan by completing each of the following entries:

1) Goal or Title: What is the goal or title of your project?

2) List 3 Objectives or Learning Targets: Use measurable terms and describe what you want your audience to learn.

3) Evaluation: How will you know that your audience understands the specific learning objectives?

4) Motivation/Relevancy of this Learning: What can you do to motivate your audience to become passionate about this topic? How is this topic important to others? How can you inspire them?

5) Information Presentation Overview: Write at least a paragraph about how you would present this information.

6) Learner Activity: Write at least a paragraph describing a learning activity that would engage your audience in learning the objectives related to this topic.

7) Review of Any Prerequisite Learning Information Presentation: Are there any important points or basic understanding you would want your audience to have before attending your training?

8) Summary: Re-read the article “7 Steps to Improving Your Critical Thinking” (Struyk, 2012), review your lesson plan again, then write at least a paragraph description for each of the following questions: a. What did you learn, that you didn’t already know, from developing your lesson plan? b. What are the strengths of your lesson? c. What are the weaknesses? d. If you look at the lesson plan as an action plan for use in settings other than education, how might you adapt this tool to use in other aspects of your life and/or leadership?

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