Case Study: SADAFCO

is a Saudi-Arabian company selling recombined milk products. It has also recently diversified into a number of other lines such as ice cream, tomato paste, hummus, mineral water and snacks. As competition intensifies, the company has to decide how to allocate resources and which product lines to focus on in order to sustain market position and growth.

Assess SADAFCO’s position relative to each of these product lines and the potential opportunities in Saudi Arabia and international markets, taking into consideration market competition, rate of market growth, size, etc. Identify three or more options for SADAFCO, each of which should establish priorities with regard to product lines, and geographic markets. Assess the pros and cons of each of these options from the standpoint of market growth and opportunity, competition and match with SADAFCO’s resources and current strengths.

For this assignment, prepare a 1-2 page executive brief, concluding with your recommendation from the options you identified.  This assignment should follow APA formatting and citation requirements

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