Answer TWO of the question sets below:

  1. How would you explain the lawmaking structure of the United States to someone totally unfamiliar with the Constitution? Specifically, what is federalism and why does it create fifty-two lawmaking jurisdictions in the United States?
  2. Find an article online that discusses the duties of the three branches of government and the three branches of the criminal justice system. How might the three branches of government be related to or directly affect each of the three branches of the criminal justice system?
  3. After reading Duncan v. Louisiana (1968), explain the following:
    • Which constitutional amendment is at issue in the case, and what right(s) does it encompass?
    • What did the United States Supreme Court decide in this case and why?
    • Pro Tip: When reading and analyzing a written decision (a case), use I.R.A.C. as a framework.  Issue Rule Analysis Conclusion.  What is the Issue (the legal question) the Court is deciding which determines the result of the case? What Rule or law is the Court applying? How did the Court apply the Rule or law to the facts of the case and the Issue to be decided (Analysis)?  What did the Court ultimately decide and what was the result, i.e. Defendant was deprived of her 4th Amendment right against unlawful search and seizure. (Conclusion)

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