Articles must be published within the past five (5) years and come from one of these approved outlets: American Journal of Criminal Justice; Crime & Delinquency; Criminology; Criminology & Public Policy; Feminist Criminology; Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice; Journal of Criminal Justice; Journal of Research in Crime & Delinquency; Justice Quarterly; Law & Society Review; Punishment & Society; Race & Justice.

Articles must be related to at least one (1) topic from each of the following categories: (a) Police Searches, Seizures, or Surveillance; (b) Police Interrogations or Profiling; (c) Prosecutor Duties or Plea Bargaining.

Below is an example of the way your slides should be organized:

Slide 1: Title/Name

Slide 2: Overview of the previous research discussed in the article

Slide 3: Theoretical framework used in the article (e.g., Deterrence Theory)

Slide 4: Data and methods used in the article (e.g., variables, hypotheses)

Slide 5: Results of the study conducted by the author(s) of this article

Slide 6: Policy implications of the studys results

Slide 7: How/why is this article relevant to our course?

Slide 8: Reference(s)

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