Reflection Paper
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to take a look at God’s Word as it pertains to food eating and our cultural view of food.
Details: Read the following passages of Scripture: Romans 12:1-2 1Corinthians 10:31 1John 2:16-17a Revellation 18 Proverds 22:1-12 Proverds 23:19-21 Ecclesiastes 5:18-20. Write a 2-3 page double spaced essay and integrate biblical reference with the following talking point:
1. How do these passages of Scripture apply to the topic of nutrition?
2. In what way do these passages of Scripture point to our cultures view of food?
3. DIscuss our societak/cultural view of food(gratification lack of discipline ect.).
4. Discuss the personal meaning of these passages of Scripture to your own personal view of nutrition.
5. Examine your own eating habits and discuss how these passages of Scripture pertain to your current eating habbits.
Please refer to a least 5 passages of Scripture make references to at least one scripture with each of the talking points above. Note: not all scripture passages address each of the talking point individually.
Please cite reference and Scripture using a superscript style described by the National Library of Medicine in theUniform Requirement for Manuscripts Submitted ot Biomedical Journals:

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