Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 11 of your Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light or Shadow course text.

This discussion forum focuses on analyzing Case Study 11.1 (Being Worked to Death?) from your textbook. In at least one paragraph, supported by evidence from your text and from other research, respond to at least three of the six bullet points below:

  • Explain if you are bothered by working conditions at Foxconn plants. Do you worry that the production of a phone might have contributed to a death of a worker?
  • Describe how much blame, if any, for worker suicides should go to CEO Gou and Foxconn. To the leaders of Apple?
  • Explain if Foxconn is being unfairly scrutinized, given that its facilities and treatment of workers may be better than at other manufacturing firms in China. Is Apple being unfairly singled out for criticism, given that a number of other electronics firms also have contracts with Foxconn?
  • Express if Apple has taken enough responsibility for the treatment of those who manufacture its projects.
  • Explain if Apple should accept lower profits to help those who work for its subcontractors. As an Apple stockholder, would you be willing to accept a lower stock price if the company did so?
  • Describe if global shadows are cast in this case.

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