In the course, we are making a special focus on Microsoft Office using MS Excel.

It is important or not to study MS Excel in the course? Argument your answer. 

How you can use this application software in your professional future?


Discussions: How will be evaluated.

1- The discussion will have a value of 100 points

2- Your opinion about the subject will be graded as 70%

3- Your criteria for another student’s opinion will be 30% (minimum 2)

So, you will need to have a minimum of three posted in the discussion. 

Your arguments will be very important.

Do not copy answers from the Internet. 

The answers should be your own opinions.

Comments : 

1-  I believe it is important to at least know the basics of MS Excel. Excel is a very useful tool for analyzing data and managing finances, thus saving you a lot of time and can also be more accurate than having to crunch numbers on paper yourself. It is widely used in the professional world. A lot of businesses use excel to organize data, as well as use Excel to perform basic and more complex mathematical functions. Companies can use Excel to gather data and create graphs and charts, as well as project figures. MS Excel also boosts company productivity when employees can quickly create a spreadsheet with formulas. In some instances, knowledge of MS Excel can also be a determining factor in a salary increase for an employee. 

2-  In my opinion it is really important to know or have basic excel skills because of your future jobs or business in the future i can use this application for my job or just the daily to keep organized. I really like to keep track of everything i do like jobs studies and also i need to lis patients in my job so it has been helpful for me.

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