The author of our text, Harrison, indicates that “Sociologists disagree on why societies distribute wealth, power, and prestige unequally. On the one side are the functional theorists, who argue that stratification is necessary and perhaps inevitable for maintaining society. On the other side are the conflict theorists, who argue that stratification results from the selfish interests of groups trying to preserve their advantage over others (p. 117).” A third perspective is symbolic interactionists. They argue that stratification results from interaction between individuals.

Address the following in paragraph form:

Define and explain “Stratification.”
Explain “Functional Theory”
Explain “Conflict Theory”
Explain Symbolic Interaction Theory”
Which theory do you support and why?
Finally, read the article found in Learning Module 5, “What it’s like to be a white woman named LaKiesha.” There are several themes in the article that relates to material found in Chapter 5 of the textbook for the class. Identify and explain a term, concept OR theory from the chapter that you feel shows up in the article.   

Your post should be in paragraph form (six paragraphs).

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