(Value 15%)

In a 1000 word (4 pages double spaced) essay:

Students are to critically assess whether government and/or police diversity initiatives, such as employment equity programs, multicultural policies, or police programs that state that they are reaching out to the various diverse communities have been a success, failure, or combination of both. You can select any two Canadian programs or initiatives from either the government sector or the policing sector.

You must back up your answer with examples and also provide at least two direct and relevant examples involving government programs or examples from Ontario police agencies if you choose a policing initiative. In order to complete this assignment, students must provide some references or examples from newspapers, magazines, journals, and the course textbook. Using Wikipedia or blogs is not allowed and marks will be deducted for using this Internet source.

Your paper must be proper cited and include a bibliography (APA format).

Also, remember to attach a cover page with your name, student number, course name and number, paper title, and due date.

All late assignments will be penalized 5% per day late.

Once you have completed your assignment and before the due date, submit the assignment by using the submit section located at the bottom or end of the assignment page. There you will be able to attach your assignment and click on the submit button.

Please submit all assignments in either Word doc (docx) or rtf fomat.

Please see the attached rubric for marking criteria.

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