Week 2 – Discussion
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Your initial discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates. Your grade will reflect both the quality of your initial post and the depth of your responses. Refer to the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric under the Settings icon above for guidance on how your discussion will be evaluated.
Before completing your post review theWeek 2: Food & Agriculture(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.interactive video which is designed to assist you in understanding more about this weeks topic and to help you organize your initial post.
In the United States we are fortunate to have an abundant supply of food. However this abundance is largely due to advances in agricultural technologies which have in turn created numerous concerns surrounding our food sources. Provide at least two recent (since the Green Revolution ended) examples of how the United States has increased its food production and discuss how these changes have affected both the environment and food safety. Possible innovations you might cover include but are not limited to: GM agriculture polyculture farming permaculture farming vertical farms small-scale organic farming aquaponics concentrated animal feeding operations urban gardening (rooftop and vacant lot) not-till farming precision farming use of drones and use of GPS technology.
Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Utilize at least two scholarly or reputable resources and your textbook to support your claims. Cite your sources in APA format. Quoted text should constitute no more than ten percent of your post. Respond to at least two of your classmates posts by Day 7.

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