Module 6 Discussions – Compose a Process Essay Rough Draft
Module 6 Discussions – Compose a Process Essay Rough DraftDue:Feb 20 2017 05:59
Now that you have developed a thesis statement and outline for a process essay it is time to write a rough draft. Be sure to takeinto consideration yourinstructor and classmates’ comments on your Process Essayoutline.As discussed in the last module a process essay describes how a person does something by breaking down the process in a series of steps.
Complete the following steps:
ERAU Writing Rubric(PDF) – this is the standard rubric for most Worldwide online courses. Your instructor will use this as a guide to grade your final essay papers.
Return to the discussion and evaluate at least three of your classmates rough drafts of the process essay.Review them for unity support coherence and sentence skills.When providing feedback use the Checklist for Essays on page 349 of the textbook.Remember to point out what the writer has done well and any area that could use improvement.

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