Quiz #3 on Lecture #4
1. Examine slide #5. List 5DIFFERENTreasons one each from society culture economics biology and politics why a human female never reaches the biotic potential calculated for her in the example in the slide. Please explainEXACTLYhow each reason you listed affects her biotic potential.
2. In slide #10 the age structure for the US was a pyramid indicating that our population is still growing. Give one reason why our growth is slowing and one reason why we are still have a pyramid age structure.
3. Explain why organisms like trees and sea turtles have a Type III survivorship curve while most mammals have a Type 1 survivorship curve.
4. Give 4 reasons why humans might have either a Type I or Type III survivorship
5. Examine slides #22 and 23. For each distribution pattern in slide #23 list the factors from slide #22 that would account for that pattern (example 1a 2b 3a) for each of the three patterns
6. What might account for a developed nation having a pyramid age structure?

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