Prepare a well-researched and well-written response to the question below. You MUST properly cite any external, secondary sources used to develop your response and MUST answer the question.

ERP applications help organizations manage critical business processes such as product lifecycle management, customer relationship management, and supply chain management. An attacker can exploit these vulnerabilities to obtain access to sensitive information.

Given the vulnerabilities and potential for attack, organizations must be proactive in protecting ERP applications.


Research, develop and write a well research paper that addresses the following questions:

What is encryption?
How can implementing encryption assist an organization in mitigating the risk and exposure to implemented ERP systems?
In the field of encryption, what is a digital certificate?
How is a digital certificate used (i.e., what is its purpose)?
What is and what is the role of, a certificate authority?
What is and what is the role of, a registration authority?
Note: Please DO NOT simply provide definitions. You may provide a definition BUT, you must also provide an enhanced discussion beyond the definition that demonstrates you know what you are saying and writing about.

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