You have been tasked with speaking to a local governing body. Your purpose is to convince them to adopt FEMAs all-hazards approach to emergency management, specifically as it relates to terrorism. You have decided that the best presentation mode would be to use a PowerPoint presentation.
Your presentation should at a minimum address the following items listed below.
Explain the importance of emergency management within the framework of the homeland and national security structure.
What political consequences might occur if an aggressive homeland security and national security plan was implemented?
Briefly explain the all-hazards concept. Why should the all-hazards approach be considered for acts of terrorism?
What are the potential risks of not incorporating an all-hazards approach into their community response plan?
Your PowerPoint presentation must be at least eight but no more than 10 slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides. You must utilize either the Notes or Audio Narration feature of PowerPoint to include additional context and amplify the information for each slide.

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