This assignment has two deliverables.  The first deliverable is a powerpoint presentation where you create and present a portfolio for your investor.  Please submit both your powerpoint slide deck and a video of your presentation (line will be needed) . The second deliverable is a written summary where you first describe your investor and then describe which theory you applied for the portfolio.  

Portfolio project:

  1. Key aspects assume the role of a financial advisor and present an investment option to your investors. You want address the target investor groups risk tolerance, spending habit as well as the risks associated with this investment, lay out the pros and cons and alternative if applicable. 
  2. Yes, you can just do the voice with the PowerPoint screen
  3. For the writing, 500 words minimum; yes, please explicitly describe the theories from the textbook that are applied in your writing fixed income investment, stock analysis etc.
  4. Theres no restrictions on the investment proposal it can be a publicly trade stock, treasury bond, real estate or any alternative investments that are available. The recommended size/dollar amount (as % of your target investors total investment) should be part of your proposal.

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