Environmental Footprint
The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to learn more about how connected you are to the ecosystems and biosphere that you inhabit. You will learn how your everyday choices impact our environment. Most importantly you will learn about the benefits of joining the increasing number of people who are making choices that reduce their environmental impact.
First calculate your ecological footprint (If you are having difficulty getting any of the proper information from the calculator you may need to try a different web browser. For instance if you are using Google Chrome you may need to use Internet Explorer Safari Mozilla etc. If you are using one of these and are experiencing difficulties you may need to try Google Chrome etc.).
Second calculate your household carbon emissions.
Once you have completed the required sections within the Environmental Footprint Reporting Form submit the document via Waypoint. The document does not need to include a title page or other APA formatting; however if you utilize any outside sources in your answers you must reference these sources in proper APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
In this class you have three tutoring services available: Paper Review Live Chat and Tutor E-mail. Click on the Writing Center (AWC) tab in the left-navigation menu in your online course to learn more about these tutoring options and how to get help with your writing.

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