The assignment is due by 8:00 pm tomorrow, Friday, May 6.

As a reminder, here are the instructions:

Watch the video Is Globalization Over, which is at this URL:  

Cover page: include student name, student ID number, title of the paper, university name, course name, semester, professors name, date.
Length: maximum 4 pages, excluding cover page and any annexes
Type: Times New Roman font, size 12, double space, 1-tab paragraph indentation.
Grammar: use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation.

There are 10 individuals who comment in this video.  For each of the 10 individuals, write:
– the persons name
– a short summary of the individuals stated perspective about globalization
– do you agree or disagree with the individual?  Why/why not?

Annexes:  indicate sources under the title Bibliography on an annex page (not as footnotes) any maps or graphs should be placed as annexes

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