I need a multi-paragraph write-up  (including an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion) with a minimum of 500 words. Create a write-up that addresses the information below and include your reaction to the ideas presented.

1) Remember the Ladies

a. Read the letters attached and links below 


b. Read The Status of Women on pages 169-171 of your textbook.

Questions to answer in your write-up:

I included the Benjamin Franklins letter so that you may understand how women were viewed by men during this time. We must understand that Abigail Adams’ letter was quite brave and out of the ordinary. In general, men viewed women, during the 1700s, as subservient and inferior to men. Most women, in Abigail’s position, would not have risked losing their social status and the life to which they had become accustomed by writing such a letter.

– Are women property? Are they marriage partners? Are they only “vassals” (subordinates) of men?

-What was Abigail Adams asking for when she wrote, “Remember the ladies”? (Hint: It’s not equal rights. That would have been far too much to ask for.)

-What does she mean by “…all men would be tyrants…”?

-What does “despotism of the petticoat” mean?

-Why does Abigail Adams write a letter to her friend, Mercy Otis Warren, after receiving John Adams reply?

-What does she tell her friend?

-Do you think Abigail Adams felt like her husband had heard her pleas and respected her views? Explain.

-Why are the women mentioned on pages 187-189 of your textbook seen as revolutionaries?

-Were women represented in the Constitution? Explain.

-Are women now represented in the Constitution? Explain?

-What would a government set up by all women look like? (Currently Finlands top government leaders are all women.)

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