I am doing a short apartment tour video as part of my spanish project. I wrote my script in English so I am having problems translating it accurately to Spanish. Below is my script in English. Could someone accurately translate it to spanish?English:Hola soy Payton y este es mi apartamento. I live with my roommate Olivia who is also my best friend. My apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. First is my kitchen. This is the refrigerator the stove the dishwasher and the coffeemakerI am in here almost always because I love to cook.This is the laundry room. It is very small. Here is the washing machine and the dryer.This is my living room. We just moved here so some of our furniture is still in storage.Here is the couch the white rug the television the bookshelf and my books.Over here is the bar. We have bottles of wine wine glasses and a book about fashion.This is the staircase. Upstairs are our bedrooms and a bathroom. This is Olivia’s bedroom and over here is my bedroom. This is my bed the television the curtains and my closet.To keep the apartment clean Olivia and I divide the chores. She cleans the living room and the bathrooms. I clean the kitchen and take out the trash.This makes cleaning easy for us.

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