This prompt is to give you some experience assessing and resolving conflicts. Using the concepts and ideas you have been exposed to in the text, readings, and lecture, develop a plan to help Italians and Chinese immigrants/Chinese Italians live together more harmoniously. You’ll need to think about what it takes to reduce conflict AND help folks integrate/transition to a new place. Here is the link to the 10 minute film that explores this situation: (you’ll have to copy and paste it over to a search engine – wouldn’t go live for some reason).

First you will want to assess the situation in order to develop a plan. These are issues to consider as you think about your planned course of action. DO NOT simply answer the questions below as your response to this TAI. Questions to consider that you will find useful are:

What is/are the problem(s) or source(s) of contention? Usually various perspectives.
Whos responsible for the problem(s)? Also usually various perspectives.
Role of communication/culture (i.e., cultural values, identity, language, symbols, discourse, etc.)?
Points of common ground on which to build? Highly important!
Short/long term resolutions? What can we do now? What might take a while?
PROMPT: Once you have made the assessment, develop your plan to address the issues as you see them. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE ESSAY YOU POST IS THE PLAN NOT SIMPLY INDIVIDUAL ANSWERS TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS.

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