View a non-American, non-English language feature film (longer than 60 minutes) by a great director made from 1960-1980 that you have not seen before and that you will not see later as part of this class. If you have trouble determining an appropriate filmmaker, contact the Instructor for advice and further direction.

Assume your reader does not know anything about this movie. Give a simple, short story synopsis and then comment on the film. Pay particular attention to the screenplay, camerawork (cinematography), the editing (montage), and the sound (including music). You may also address special effects. What did you like/dislike about what you saw? Why do you have these feelings of like/dislike? Is the film good? Feel confident in using a personal narrative about how you experience this movie, but always look for specific evidence from what you see and hear in the movie to support your feelings and thoughts.

Part 2: Now that you have commented on the specific film you viewed, see if you can draw some general conclusions about the work of the director and one of the main actors or actresses. Be sure to comment on the overall impression you have of the film, including how you see it as an example of its genre and time period. REMEMBER: This is not a research paper. I am interested in what you have to say, not in what you can learn by reading up on the film or filmmaker.

Part 3: Go back to the “My Criteria for Quality in Film” page. Based on your viewing of this weeks film, add five new general conclusions. These statements should be numbered (6) through (10), and they should be written as complete sentences, or possibly as a short paragraph. Be sure to include the entire page, including all of your previous statements from the first version of your “My Criteria for Quality in Film.”

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