1. Nicholas Wolterstorff thinks that there are two dualities that characterize the political allegiances of Christians. What are these two dualities and what is their relationship with each other? In your answer, please reference at least two biblical passages and/or theological commitments that Wolterstorff uses to ground his two dualities model. How should Christians conceive of their citizenship commitments in view of these two dualities? What ought Christians to do whenever breakdowns or conflicts occur between the different political entities to whom they are accountable? Please be specific and use illustrations for full credit.

2. Robert George thinks that the proper foundation for our classical American freedoms (i.e. freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, etc.) is a natural law account of moral origins. First, describe in detail the justification that he provides for these freedoms based on his natural flourishing model. Are there any contemporary rights claims that George thinks are tenuous or that ought to be revised in view of such a model? Then, interact critically with Georges views by providing two arguments either in support for or opposition to his claims about the necessity of grounding our freedoms in an underlying moral foundation. 

3. For Patrick Deneen, the liberal political tradition has been decaying from within for many decades (and centuries). Start by describing three ways that Deneen believes that liberalism is declining. In your answer, be sure to reference a few of the specific markers or signposts that Deneen cites along the way as evidence of his decline narrative. Then, in the second half of your answer please argue for or against Deneens views on the overall trajectory of liberalism citing especially the three decline criteria that you have just developed.

Or are there internal resources within liberalism that Deneen is neglecting more that are more revitalizing than he realizes?

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