Philosophy 76 Biomedical Ethics

The Ethics of Genetic Modification

You are to watch the following videos on Genetic Modification:

1.    The Ethics of Dilemma of Designer Babies

2.    Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever:

3.    Rent or purchase the movie Gattaca and watch it. (You can find this to rent on several streaming services, including YouTube and Amazon Prime for $4).

Read the following article titled No Time to Waste: The Ethical Challenges Created by CRISPR:

After taking notes on the videos and the article, write up a 2 to 4-page reflection. Discuss in your reflection what stands out to you and why. In your reflection discuss how the movie Gattaca relates to this, showing how the movie itself is an argument against the use of genetic engineering.

You will be graded in the following way:
1)    Did you type up at least two whole pages (or up to three pages) in Microsoft word (Double Space / Times New Romans font / Normal margin boarders)?
2)    Did you identify intelligently with what resonated with you in the two videos and the article, and did you connect it with the movie Gattaca?
3)    Did you engage in a meaningful way with the videos in your reflection?

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