Audit Finding: Plan of Action:
You will prepare and present a plan of action in response to an actual audit finding for a selected federal department or agency. The paper must be double-spaced with 12-point font and should reference the original finding. This can be for any US federal agency. The paper must be in MS Word and not in PDF or any other format.
Project Requirement
Lists recent instance (since Jan 1 2015) of actual audit finding for a federal department or agency.
Summarize the issue what led to the issue occurring.
The paper should identify the steps the agency took (e.g. the OIG) to identify the issue
Delineate steps you recommend the agency should take to avoid the issue in the future (e.g. improve specific internal controls)
Proper research – identify at least one sources and source(s) listed in a references section
Proper format: 3 (full) -5 pages of content + 1 cover page + 1 page for sources; double spaced section headings page numbers
Proper grammar and spelling (e.g. proper spelling punctuation style etc.)

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