Write a 3 to 5-page paper (not including a cover page and reference page) discussing what you have learned in this class regarding Total Quality Management. You will demonstrate how each Course Objective is applied to the concepts of Total Quality Management with a current business issue.

You will be required to select a company and identify how the Course Objectives (COs) and concepts we covered in this course applies to the company you selected; up to and including the areas that are not done well within your selected company. Company Selected Embraer.

You will also be required to identify a current issue the company is facing and provide a recommendation on how to address this issue through an analysis and use of one of the quality tools, problem solving and decision-making approaches, or continuous improvement methods. You will be required to provide details on your assessment.

Be sure to include content on each of the Course Objectives and provide examples of examples of the concept(s) in action. Also, ensure your assignment is written to include APA standards and uses at least three (3) peer reviewed references. You may use each week’s discussion topics to organize your thoughts and frame the approach of your paper.

  • Background of TQM
  • Background of company selected in relation to Course Objectives
  • Analysis of quality tools used, problem solving and decision-making approaches.
  • Summary and Recommendations – Summarize your findings discuss any recommendations for the company or TQM program.
  • APA Paper – Cover Sheet, Table of Contents, Headings clearly defined, 3 to 5 pages of content, references sited.

Topics Discussed: 

1. Foundations of Total Quality Management 

2.Quality and Total Competitiveness

3.Total Quality Management Ethics and Customer Experience 

4. Total Quality Management Workforce and Leadership

5.Total Quality Management Tools

6.Continuous Improvement Methods

7.Implementing Total Quality Management 

The company given/chosen is Embraer 

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