This paper will require you to apply organizational theories, concepts, and perspectives (rational, natural, and open systems of organizations). 

Define your approved organization (STARBUCKS) as you wish in terms of the whole or of the part that is most relevant.  In 1-2 pages, provide a description of two to three problems identified. Your description need not be elaborate but should provide enough information to enable someone unfamiliar with the organizational issues to understand the essentials. This portion should be just the facts, a description, not an analysis of the key events.

After you have set the foundation, apply theories for example, (administrative theory, scientific management theory, Weick’s organizing model, contingency theory, , The Hawthorne Effect, and Elton Mayo Management Theories) learned from the course to analyze your chosen organization and its identified problems. Utilizing the three perspectives, ensure clarity is evident on areas of which system, organizational environment, and changes as part of your analysis. 

Lastly, provide a personal perspective that discusses what you would implement to address the problems to move the organization forward as part of the evolving changes for organizations today. 


The following is required for your completed research paper assignment: 

The paper must be written using the current APA format and must include a title page, an abstract, and a reference list. These are not included in the word count.

The paper must have a minimum of 10 pages 

The paper must be submitted as a Word document (.doc). Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

First-person narrative is not permitted.

Do not use bullets or listing anywhere in the paper.

The reference page must include a minimum of the following references in the current APA format (all sources must be evident within the paper):

Course textbook

Scripture and Merida text

7 peer-reviewed scholarly sources 

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