Part A 

You have been challenged in this course to begin (or continue) discussions with your colleagues about culturally competent care and how to better support patients/families who are socially and economically challenged. Below is a link to short video clip (2 minutes long) and corresponding article published by Washington University about a clinician who has prioritized the delivery of culturally competent and sensitive, compassionate care.

Using the below link, view the video clip and read the corresponding overview article.

Questions related to the video:

What were your initial thoughts/feelings after viewing the video clip and reading the corresponding article? (5 points)

Explain what is most significant/important to you regarding the video? Is there anything that you disagree with from the video or corresponding article? (5 points)

Part B

The following questions/prompts are related to the impact of the content presented in this course. Be sure to reply to all three!

Describe how your knowledge of SDOH has evolved over the semester. (5 points)

How has the content covered in the course challenged your personal and professional beliefs? (5 points)

What additional work, if any, does the nursing community need to engage in/develop to address the existence and impact of SDOH? Explain your response. If you disagree that the nursing community needs to engage in additional work to address the existence and impact of SDOH, be sure to explain your response. (5 points)

Professionalism: APA formatting, style, grammar, etc. (5 points)

Please answer each item completely and thoroughly. Again, this is a personal journal and will not be seen by other students. This reflection should be between 250 – 500 words in total. 

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