1) The time period for classifying a liability as current is one year or the operating cycle whichever is
2) Which one of the following is not a typical current liability?
3) Buttner Company borrows $88500 on September 1 2017 from Harrington State Bank by signing an $88500 12% one-year note. How much is accrued interest at December 31 2017?
4) How is the market value of a bond issuance determined?
5) If the contractual rate of interest is lower than the market rate of interest bonds will sell at a premium.
6) What is the effect of amortizing a bond discount?
7) Cuso Inc. issues 10-year bonds with a maturity value of $200000. If the bonds are issued at a premium what does this indicate?
8) When a bond is sold at a premium at what amount is it reported on the balance sheet?
9) Tanner Inc. issued a 10% 5-year $100000 bond when the market rate of interest was 12%. At what value will the bond sell?
10) Which of the following is not a commonly used method of presenting current liabilities on the balance sheet?

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