“What financial measures should a business take to remain competitive in an economic downturn?” Analysis the risk and benefits of such measures. Use EXAMPLES (at least two companies) to illustrate your answer. 1500 words. Draft is due 12 hours from now, final essay is due 30th Nov
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Dear student Please find enclosed answer as per your requirement. The main challenge of viable administration is to apply an association’s accessible assets to reduce the effect of exogenous dangers on the association whereas endeavoring to catch the opportunities. By considering the relative engaging quality of accessible financial tools, decision making that needs to strike a harmony between the requirements for the flexibility current as well as future execution. Distinctive financial asset designs emerge thus, and observational studies find that organizations utilize internal accessible money, obligation, or value issues in a way that fluctuates extraordinarily, even inside the organization. (ANDREAS GRUENER & INGEBORG RAASTAD, 2016)

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