DNA makes up chromatins chromatins make up chromosomes and regions of DNA make up up genes.
We know that or deoxyribonucleic acid is the ‘code’ of our physical attributes and characteristics. It contains information about our body. However it is not enough to make a human being.
are basically arranged DNA strands around substances. Chromatins look like noodles and are located inside the nucleus of a cell.
During or cell replication the chromatins will arrange themselves so that each and every information in the DNA are replicated to create two exact copies of the parent cell. These arranged chromatins look like rods and are called . (Refer to the image above Interphase)
After the interphase the chromatins in the chromosomes replicate and form a pair of sister chromatids connected along the centromere. (Note that centromere is the center of a chromosome and centrosome is that guides the cells during mitosis.)
After the metaphase the sister chromatids are split up and form two separate but exactly the same chromosomes. After the cytokinesis the daughter cells should have only one copy of the chromosome. Thus each daughter cell is identical to the other daughter cell that came from the same parent cell.
A refers to the hereditary unit passed on from parent to offspring. A gene is a region on DNA that codes for a protein.

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