Please provide a 100 word response to the below classmate discussion post.

The response is based on the below film and initial question:

View the film, Service, Support & Justice: Law Enforcement Response to Crime Victims, Office for Victims Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice


Post in the Collaboration Forums.  Explain how you would correlate our Criminal Justice Management course to this film.  This may be at the Executive Management, Middle Management, or Line Supervisor level.  There is no right or wrong answer; however, make an effort to demonstrate how each influences the other in a positive manner.

Classmate response:

The Criminal Justice Management course targets all levels of management in law enforcement.  It explains and talks about all aspects of law enforcement from the management and leadership to the forensic science and criminal behavior.  All the work put into the law enforcement profession is to help society not become victims of a crime by deterring and/or arresting the criminals.  And we can not do this without the collaboration of victims as shown on this video.   It is up to everyone in the chain of command to embrace the fact that we as law enforcement need to assistance of the victims to accomplish our jobs.  Therefore, supporting victims in every way that the department can needs to be a priority.  Line Supervisors need to be responding to calls to make sure all services are offered to the victims and to make sure they are not being neglected during the report taking process.  The Middle Management needs to make sure everyone has what they need to support the victims to include assess to victim services, counselors, follow up by officers, and monies in order to assist when necessary.  Executive Management need to make sure they have support from city or county officials that will supplement their programs.  They also need to put the word out in the community of all the services offered by the department.  Altogether, victims can feel comfortable when interacting with law enforcement causing a more cooperative relationship between victims and the criminal justice system.

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