Please provide a 100 word response to the below classmate discussion post: 

Applied ethics in criminal justice management was a great course. Most of us choose the law enforcement profession for the “Noble Cause”. Noble cause corruption was an interesting subject. We have heard of and seen corruption from minor to major. The reasons for the corruption are wide-ranging; from getting bad guts to jail, to self-enrichment. This course made me more aware of it, especially the “Slippery slope” theory. It is easy to dismiss small things and gratuities, but if not monitored, they can become much larger. The real in-depth stories of corruption covered in this class are still hard to believe, and embarrassing. The bad actions of another officer, reflect the entire profession. Today, many in the public are quick to blame law enforcement, corrupt acts give them an easy reason. Most states are passing legislation restricting or removing some police protection (qualified immunity). In California, they are looking at legislation to issue law enforcement licenses, which can be revoked, and canceled altogether under certain circumstances. Currently, there are only a few states that have licensing for police officers. In terms of this course impacting my daily life, it just made me more aware. Police officers’ actions off-duty are criticized as they are held to a higher standard, therefore, not much has changed for me personally. It strengthened my core beliefs and reaffirmed the decisions I make in life, and at work.             

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