The extra credit requires students to research and identify REDI-C resources about race, equity, diversity, inclusion and color including but not limited to websites, books, poems, blogs, speeches, articles, videos, TEDx Talks, documentaries, films, movies, events, or programs, etc.

Diversity resources should focus on age, religion, ethnicity, cultures of inclusion, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, physical and mental ability, sex and gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, weight and appearance, work and family, the workplace, organizational diversity initiatives and programs, Black/African Americans, Africans, Latinos/Hispanics, Native Americans, Multi-racial groups, White Americans, immigration, corporate social responsibility and communities, global diversity, theoretical frameworks relative to inclusion, exclusion, diversity training, diversity metrics, groups, power, stereotypes, discrimination, prejudice, social categorization, microaggressions, biases, disabilities, and social class among other topics.


Entries cannot include any sources used in the class.         
Each entry is worth two points and students may submit a maximum of 10 entries for a total of 20 extra credit points. (10 x 2 = 20). 
Use the table below to enter entries. Provide a detailed description of the resource.       

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