Jesus gives John a message for seven churches in Revelation 2-3.  You will write about each of the seven churches in your paper.  You MUST have an introduction, body (consisting of the below requirements for each church), and a conclusion.  Your paper should be no less than three full pages.

Each church has:
1. An address
2. Introduction of the Author of the letter
3. Commendation (6 of the 7)
4. Condemnation (5 of the 7)
5. Command
6. Promise

You are to show what you have learned by addressing each of the six parts of each church.  These must be thought out and well written for each point.

You are also to list any interesting facts about the city that you feel will be relative to the paper.  

You are to hold up each church and compare it with the modern-day church and show where they are similar and where they are different.

Your introduction and conclusion should be well written and add to the data contained in the paper.

As always, I want you to imagine you are writing to someone that wants to know more about these churches and you are explaining to them.

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