Read the above case and then demonstrate understanding of the key concepts from the textbook (especially the noted chapters in some questions) in your written analysis of the case. Your paper will be written as a Word Document (Ariel 10 point, single-spaced, with double-spaces between paragraphs). Answer the questions as you follow the standard format for cases:

Your name, title and date

  1. Introduction
    1. Incorporating       questions 1 and 2
  2. Situation      Analysis Global Business Environment Factors
    1. Incorporating       questions 3 and 4
  3. Alternatives
    1. Incorporate       questions 5 and 6 as you consider the corporate social responsibilities       of Coca-Cola.
  4. Recommendation
    1. Incorporate       question 7
  5. Implementation
    1. Incorporate question 8


Discussion Questions

  1. What are the major issues the church mission group is concerned with?
  2. Who are the major stakeholder groups that need to be considered when analyzing the related problems of poverty, tooth decay, lack of pure water, and obligations of global business partners in Honduras?
  3. What global environmental issues does Coca-Cola need to consider for the market in Central America? How is this different from the business environment in the United States? (CH 2 and CH 3). Be sure to contrast political and legal issues, economic issues and technology issues.
  4. Discuss cultural diversity when comparing consumers in the United State and those in Honduras? What cultural factors are at work that influence the problem or possible solutions for a corporation doing business in Honduras? For example, comparing Hofstedes 6D model, are there cultural differences between consumers in Honduras and the United States that need to be considered in forming plans? In what ways is the culture of Honduras similar to the United States? In what ways is it different? (CH 4)
  5. Describe Coca-Colas social responsibility in Latin American dealings. What ethical standards should they use? (CH 5)
  6. Evaluate at least two feasible alternatives suggested by the mission team for eliminating the problems.
  7. Recommend one of the alternatives or propose and justify your own solution. What would be the outcome of your recommendation?
  8. What would Coca-Cola have to do for this to work (implementation). What resources and timeline would your solution take?

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