Write 5 pages using the questions and answers provided. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I. Internship Agreement + Expectations. (1 page) Refer back to the initial agreement form you completed with your supervisor. What was your internship and why did you want it? Did your experience match up with the job description and your expectations? Did you meet the agreed-upon requirements? Why or Why not?

-Legacy Records, was the first one offered to me -the internship was tailored more for music but I was able to help out with their music videos -my experience wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, I ended up setting up a few music video shoots for them. -Yes, I used my knowledge from class to create treatments for music video shoots.

II. Internship Project Evaluation (1-2 pages) A. What did you get to experience? What did you learn? Use one or two specific examples to show what you did during your internship and how it expanded your skill sets and knowledge of the industry. B. What was your favorite part of the internship? What was your least favorite part of the internship? C. What skills did you learn and what skills do you need to work on?

-A) I learned to be the sole person trying to get a music video from beginning to end. I had to find shoot locations and price out what we needed and stay within budget. -B) My favorite part was having the freedom to create an entire music video from the creative side. Telling them my vision and having them get excited about it. -C)I learned to get ahead. Being the only one working on it cause me to have to rely on myself. I didn’t have anyone else to lean on or hold me back.

III. Internship Self Evaluation (1-2 pages) Get quiet and breathe with yourself. Take an honest look at your experience this semester. A. How did you show up? Were you your best authentic self? If not, what was holding you back? Was there something about the workplace environment that worked for you and/or didn’t work for you?

a) Yeah, I think the cool nature of the team allowed me to break out of my shell. My internship was remote so I didn’t have a workplace environment to deal with. B. If you had it to do all over again, what would you do differently? Where do you feel like you excel and where do you need improvement? b) honestly, find a more Film focused internship. As mush fun as it was to run the shoot myself. I felt a little used. I didn’t learn as much as I would have liked

IV. Career Evaluation (1-2 pages) A. Now that you have had experience in this particular industry and position within this industry, is it a career you can see yourself pursuing? What did you learn about yourself and your career goals?

a) Honestly, I probably will switch to acting. Everyone I talk to says that is the best route to go IF my goal is to produce in the future. Network as an actor and learn the business first.

B. Dream into the future. Now do some research, find three companies you would like to work for, and explain why that company is based on your above reflections. What position would you like to have in those companies, and why?

b) I actually would love to start my own production company. I have a ton of movie and film Ideas that I do not trust others to carry out my vision if I am working for someone else. Owner, it gives the control and influence I need to get my ideas on the big screen.

V. Future You (1 page) What is next? Are you applying for jobs? Pursuing future internships? What do you need moving forward? Are you staying in touch with people at your internship? How will you use this network? Who do you need to connect with to make your current dream job come true? How can I or other faculty or career center help you? What is your PLAN to get to next level?

My main goal was always to go back into the Marine Corps. However, if I do not do that. I am going to start building my acting resume. Headshots and certificates etc. I will bartend in the meantime.

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