Four citations
Use the CSU Online Library to research a hazardous waste incident such as Minimata Bay incident. Create a 9- to 11-slide PowerPoint presentation on the incident you choose. You should thoroughly describe the details of the incident and analyze the causes and effects. Your presentation should address the following:
Provide a brief history of RCRA and what aspects of waste it regulates.
What was the cause of the incident? What types of waste were involved?
What were the environmental and human health consequences?
What regulations were in place at the time of the incident? Were they followed?
What do you think could have been done to prevent the incident?
Could this incident happen today with the regulations we have in place? Why or why not?
Instead of using speakers notes you will write a script and create a voice-over for your presentation. All sources used including the textbook must be cited and referenced according to APA style. Be sure to include in-text citations on your slides and provide a reference slide that lists all of your sources

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